Flax Software logo by Wizard (13k)

Old Flax Software Here you can download and register all the old Flax Software I could find. These are the final versions.

Sage Graphic by Vejita, an extremly talented friend who i lost when BBS's died.

Sage is a game engine, similar to Gameport's Lord 2 engine. It can be run on your BBS, locally or over a network. The engine supports up to 250 players simultaneously.

After a quick search of the internet, I would be interested to know what's the go with this guy and this mob.

Sage100.zip Sage 1.00 - out of beta.
Regsage.exe Sage registration code generator.
SageSource.zip *Some* of the source to an *old* version. Its all I could find sorry..

Sage Tools

Wmgr107.zip World Editor v1.07.
Flc105.zip FLC Script compiler v1.05.
Flctut1.zip FLC Tutorial.
L2s500.zip Lord2 to Sage world converter v5.

Sage Worlds

7s203.zip The Seven Sages v2.03.
Some tips on getting around this world.
You can also visit www.sevensages.org.
ls203src.zip The Seven Sages v2.03 FLC Source Code.
ls200.zip The Lost World v2.00.
ls200src.zip The Lost World v2.00 FLC Source Code.
Plains3.zip The Ogre Plains, by Abyss. Also contains FLC source code.


Sickchat is a split-screen Sysop chat PPE for PCBoard.

Schat030r.zip Sickchat v0.30 Full Version.
Regchat.exe Sickchat registration code generator. It's a Windows app. If you can't run it, e-mail me for your code.
SickchatSource.zip Some Sickchat source code, (PCBoard Programming Script). I just found it, don't know if it's version 0.30 or anything. I swear, people were begging me for this, back in the day..

Other stuff

Sn362.zip Sicknews 3.62, ANSI bulletin generator.
Ansifix1.zip Ansifix was written to test my ANSI processing code. It reads an ANSI file, then writes another using only the ANSI codes that are absolutely necessary, making the file as small as possible.

More soon..

Oh yeah, whatever you do, do not send any money!